Built in 1936, this stately Tudor-style home was a sight to behold. From the outside, the home was a classic example of the Tudor style, with its steeply pitched roof, half-timbered walls, and tall, narrow windows. The brickwork was in excellent condition, and the landscaping was well-maintained.

Inside, the home was well-preserved, with original hardwood floors, wood-paneled walls, and a grand staircase. The living room was spacious and inviting, with a large fireplace and plenty of natural light. The kitchen was a bit dated, but it still had plenty of charm.

The home had four bedrooms, each with its own unique character. The master bedroom was especially impressive, with its large windows and ornate fireplace. The other bedrooms were cozy and comfortable, with plenty of storage space.

The home also had a large basement, which was perfect for storage or a workshop. The backyard was spacious and private, with a large patio and plenty of room for outdoor activities.

Overall, this stately Tudor-style home was a beautiful example of a well-preserved home from the 1930s. Although it was a bit dated, it still had plenty of charm and character. It was a great place to call home.

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